Owenbridge Logistics Recycling Transport


Owenbridge saw a need in the West Australian community for recycling solutions. Our mission was to be involved in a sustainable business and recycling was an opportunity to give back to our community. Owenbridge strives towards finding more effective recycling solutions. We also feel responsible to bring awareness to the exciting prospects that recycling provides. We feel proud to be a part of recycling solutions and growing a successful business, ensuring we can provide more employment for more West Australian families.

Owenbridge provides a service to any business in Western Australia that is recycling aware. We provide a service to remove their cardboard or plastic, and we believe this gives them a sense of pride to be part of the recycling revolution. Owenbridge not only provides a service for picking up there waste we believe we give our customer even more of a service by alleviating their guilt of landfill.

Owenbridge intends to lead the way with educating Western Australia with becoming more recycling aware. We want to provide an easy and affordable service for our customers. Not only does Owenbridge eliminate waste problems for business we are also giving them a sense of pride that their waste will be recycled.

Owenbridge is in the business of recycling, we concentrate on the recycling of cardboard and plastic. We provide a service to West Australian business for removal of this waste with the knowledge that is it destined to be recycled. We aim to keep our cost affordable to encourage recycling enthusiasm.

We know most companies believe they offer the best service available. At Owenbridge, We know we give the best service. We have enthusiastic employees who also love being part of the revolution of recycling. We are a Western Australian Company that knows our city which makes us proficient at providing top quality service.

We have a young and passionate leader in Owenbridge with fresh ideas towards recycling solutions. His mission it so provide a cleaner more resourceful Western Australia. Our dedicated Owenbridge Drivers maintain a good repour with our customers. We believe our role is to educate business with more recycling solutions.

Owenbridge is determined to keep a close working relationship with our suppliers by always striving to find cost effective ways in maintaining recycling solutions. We believe if we succeed so do they.

Our mission is to recycle West Australian Waste. We passionately believe in the power of recycling to create a greener environment. We aim to provide more innovative recycling solutions to better this industry. We strive towards the growth of Owenbridge to offer all West Australian business the opportunity to get involved with recycling.

Authorised by:

Markus Trezdziack
Managing Director
1 / 01 / 2016