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We recommend the use of static compactors/balers lead us to efficient waste management for dry waste, such as cardboards, which reduces both in the waste size and the cost, and importantly, it also supports in reducing environmental emission.

About Recycling

We recycle paper/cardboard and LDPE plastic from all over Perth.

We have the FREE Public bin on site for anyone who wishes to recycle Cardboard/Paper. A wonderful incentive for the public to know there waste is destined to be recycled.

Large cardboard boxes, paper, and newspaper can all be put in the public bin.

How long can you have the bin for?

You can hire a commercial bin, for any bulk paper or cardboard waste you wish to dispose of. Our commercial bins range from 12 cubic meters to 30 cubic meters. The amount of time you can use a bin is up to you. We will work with you if you need to use a bin for an extended period.

What bins can I use?

We have a range of bins to use. The size of our open top bins range from 12 cubic meters to 30 cubic meters. We also have some enclosed compactor bins, ranging from 22 to 25 cubic meters.

A self-compacting bin is also available. This is handy if you need bulk materials removed. This bin can compact up to 3.8 tonnes of cardboard or plastic. The requirement is an open space and a 32amp, 5 pin plug point.

240, 660 and 1100 litre bins are also available on request. Call us to chat how these bins can help you in recycling your waste.

What are the rates?

Rates for bin hire vary on the bin, and how long you wish to hire it for. Generally, our commercial bins are rented weekly, but we can also set up daily charges. You can hire the bins for as long as you want, however we do charge weekly hire. If you know you will be requiring the bin long term, we are more than happy to discuss a negotiated rate.

How far will you travel?

Owenbridge is able to services customers throughout WA, with the bulk of our work being done within 100 kms of the Perth CBD.

We also service areas like Bunbury, Albany, Northam Gin Gin and other areas of out the Perth CBD on request.

Can you pickup general waste?

Yes, we can pick up general waste. This can be done with commercial open top bins, or sulo bins.

Call us if you require this service, or email us your service requirements, and we will be happy to answer your query.

Do you supply balers or compactors for rent?

If you need a short term or long term baler, we will be able to help you facilitate the right piece of equipment you require. Balers are used if you have a constant low level stream of cardboard that you recycle. Depending on the volume, it may be more efficient to use bins, however we can guide you through this process.

If you have high volumes of cardboard on a daily basis, a compactor may be required. Again, we can guide you through this process, to give you the most efficient option.